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Stacey M. Cobb, MD

Caroline H. DiBattisto, MD

Emily P. Lowell, PhD

Page M. Moore, PhD

W. Mark Posey, PhD

Lawrence K. Siegel, MD

Eileen M. Walsh, MD

Robin B. Welsh, MD

About our practice

At Palmetto Health-USC Child Development and Behavioral Health, we evaluate and care for children who have developmental, academic and/or behavioral difficulties as well as other special issues which may be associated with learning problems, including cerebral palsy.

Our patient families play a key role in our evaluations – a family-centered approach is utilized. We aim to to generate a profile and an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan that reflects the input from all the team members, including the parents, for the children and young adults we treat in Columbia, Lexington and across the Midlands region of South Carolina.

Our services

Our developmental pediatricians evaluate the child initially and upon his/her referral, the patient is seen by other specialists within, and occasionally outside of, our clinic setting. A parent conference is arranged for discussion and specific recommendations, with most children returned to the referring physician or agency for care. We try and liaison as well with schools, etc. and their representatives may attend the parent conferences.

We work with pediatric residents and third-year medical students, as do students from a variety of other disciplines such as speech/language pathology and psychology. Referrals are usually generated by physicians and other community professionals. 

About Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group

We are proud to be part of Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group, which includes caring, compassionate health care professionals who are highly trained to meet your medical needs in Columbia, Lexington and across the greater Midlands region of South Carolina.

Providing excellent medical care in comfortable office environments, our network team of physicians, advanced care providers, nurses and staff is prepared to answer any questions you have. We provide comprehensive medical care for short-term needs like annual physicals as well as ongoing management of chronic diseases. Prevention is a big part of your overall care plan. Should additional, focused medical treatment ever be needed, our doctors will refer you to a specialist and stay involved in your care. Only at Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group will you find the extensive level of expertise available from a wide variety of specialists.