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Meet Sherri K. Taylor, MD

Sherri K. Taylor, MD, is a Palmetto Health-USC OB/GYN physician specializing in maternal-fetal medicine.

Sherri K. Taylor, MD, Palmetto Health-USC Obstetrics and GynecologyThis subspecialty places an emphasis on the dual care of mother and child when medical conditions affecting one or both occur during pregnancy.

Here, Dr. Taylor talks about some of the key aspects and joys of her work.

What led you into the maternal-fetal medicine subspecialty?

“Quite honestly, there are a lot of women in my family. So I always knew I wanted to go into women’s health, and once I did my OB/GYN rotation in medical school, I was hooked. As far as maternal-fetal medicine, in residency, most of the physicians who trained me were also maternal-fetal medicine doctors, and so that convinced me that this was an awesome subspecialty, and it was the way to go for me.”

What characterizes your subspecialty?

“It really boils down to a general OB/GYN requesting our input. Sometimes we see patients as a one-time consult to give recommendations to a general OB/GYN. Other times we receive consults in which the intention is for the patient to transfer care into our department for full care until delivery. I personally consider it my responsibility as a maternal-fetal medicine specialist to ensure that a mother not only receives excellent medical care, but  she still experiences the joy of pregnancy.”

Describe your typical patient?

“All of our mothers come to us with some type of medical problem during pregnancy. So we take care of moms who have diabetes or who have high blood pressure, because having these affect the baby, too. We take care of the mother and any high-risk conditions, with our goal being to have a safe, healthy delivery for both mom and baby.”

What are some things that classify a high-risk pregnancy?

“High-risk pregnancy can involve many conditions, from diabetes, hypertension and blood disorders, to any medical concerns of the baby in the womb. We are trained to treat both mom and baby, always striving for the best outcomes for both.”

How can instances of cardiovascular disease impact a mother and her expectant child during pregnancy?

“There are many forms of cardiovascular disease in pregnancy. As maternal-fetal medicine physicians, we evaluate the mother and develop an individual plan of treatment.  We carefully monitor her condition and may recommend dietary changes, medication, activity modifications – all while simultaneously assessing her baby’s condition. There may be a need to have other specialists involved, such as cardiologists, who will continue to care for the mother after her delivery. We also determine the safest mode of delivery, for mother and baby.”

What ranks among your greatest professional rewards?

“My greatest reward is the safety and health of both mother and baby. Pregnancy is so natural but can be complicated with many medical concerns. The day-to-day evaluations and examinations  I do that bear positive results  come from  strong training and education, as well as a group effort within the Maternal Fetal Medicine division and other medical specialties. We all work together to provide the very best care for mother and baby.”

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