Ensuring safe driving techniques.

Driver Rehabilitation is a specialty program offered by the Palmetto Health Geriatric Research Division.

Safe driving techniques require fast, effective and proficient use of the body and mind, and community mobility is an important means of independence. A driving evaluation is an in-depth occupational therapy assessment to evaluate the client's cognitive, visual and physical abilities, performed in the clinic and behind the wheel of an evaluation vehicle. The goal of the Driving Rehabilitation Program is to help clients safely maintain their driving independence for as long as possible.

An occupational therapist (OT) will evaluate senior drivers based on:

  • Ability to continue to drive safely in the community
  • Driving performance in everyday traffic situations
  • Assess for driving equipment in the car

Based on the senior driver’s evaluation, the OT will make recommendations such as:

  • Equipment needs, such as mirrors, hand controls, spinner knobs, etc.
  • Finding a different route that may be safer for the client to drive
  • Physical therapy or training needs
  • Discussing alternate means of transportation

For more information about our Driver Rehabilitation Program, please contact:

Stephanie Scharf 

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