Melanie Perkins, SLP
Speech Language Pathology
American Speech–Language–Hearing Association
University of South Carolina

Melanie Perkins MSP, CCC-SLP, is a speech pathologist with a wealth of experience, including expertise with Huntington's disease. She received her speech therapy degree at Columbia College, and she received her speech pathology master’s degree at the University of South Carolina. Most of her training and expertise has been in adult swallowing, speech and voice disorders. She is a member of American Speech Language Hearing Association, participating in special interest groups for swallowing and voice disorders. Her certifications include Lee Silverman Voice treatment for Parkinson’s disease, MBS Imp standardized assessment for MBS (Modified Barium Swallow) procedure, McNeil Dysphagia Treatment (an exercise protocol for swallowing disorders) and Myofascial Release.

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