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Furthering neuroscience research

At Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group, our neurology and neurosurgery research is constantly growing and evolving, and we value educational opportunities for medical students, residents, faculty and physicians.

Our physicians have been successfully obtaining grant funding from a wide variety of sources, including federal agencies, industry sources and foundations. We're consistently seeking to develop new treatments and prevention strategies for neurological conditions.

Clinical trials

We conduct clinical trials to look for new ways to treat a particular condition. Carefully controlled and following specific protocols, trials can examine a treatment's safety and effectiveness. To be successful, we need people willing to participate. Participants can help further medical knowledge and potentially help other people. Currently, we are conducting inpatient and outpatient stroke clinical trials, movement disorder clinical trials, and multiple clinical trials involving various other neurological disorders as well.

Clinical Trials

Neuroscience journal

Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group Neurosurgery and Neurology physicians contribute peer-reviewed research to the Palmetto Health Neuroscience Journal.

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Medical student education and residency

Third-year medical students rotate through our department for a direct patient care experience, and interested fourth-year medical students are welcome to return to gain more in-depth exposure to neurological diseases. We accept three new neurology residents each year, and neurology faculty provide learning opportunities to their colleagues through a variety of educational programs each year.

Neurology Residency Vascular Neurology Fellowship

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