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Common medications safe to use during pregnancy

Common cold/sinuses

  • Actifed®
  • Benadryl®
  • Claritin® and Claritin® D
  • Mucinex®
  • Saline only nasal spray (no Afrin®)
  • Sudafed®
  • Tylenol® Cold/Sinus
  • Zyrtec®

Headaches/aches and pains

  • Tylenol®/Tylenol® Extra Strength
  • Excedrin® Tension Headache
NO aspirin, ibuprofen, Motrin® or Advil®. If no relief with Tylenol, please contact our office.


  • Colace®
  • Fiber supplement (Metamucil®, Benefiber®, etc.)
  • Fleet® enema
  • Glycerin suppository
  • Milk of Magnesia (liquid or gel caps)
  • Miralax®
  • Senokot® S


  • Anusol® (may use for one week)
  • Preparation H®
  • Tucks®
If bleeding occurs, please call our office.


  • Robitussin® CF only
  • Robitussin® Liquid Gel (no alcohol)
  • Cough drops
  • Chloraseptic® spray


  • Gas-X®
  • Prilosec® OTC
  • Maalox®
  • Mylanta®
  • Zantac®, 75 mg or 150 mg, up to twice daily


  • First, try vitamin B6, 50 mg, every six hours
  • If no relief, try adding Dramamine® or Unisom® (take these along with the vitamin B6)
  • B-natal® candy
  • Emetrol®
  • Sea-Band®


  • Kaopectate®
  • Imodium® AD


  • Benadryl®
  • Unisom®
  • Dramamine®
  • Tylenol® PM

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