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Ophthalmology locations

At Palmetto Health-USC Ophthalmology, our compassionate, caring physicians diagnose and treat a full range of eye-related diseases and conditions. Serving Columbia, Lexington and the greater Midlands region of South Carolina, we specialize in both pediatric and adult care. We specialize in pediatric ophthalmology, ophthalmic plastic surgery and reconstructive procedures. We are committed to addressing eye health problems for our patients and focus on the prevention of vision impairment and blindness.

Conditions we treat include:

  • Cataracts
  • Diabetic eye disease
  • Ptosis
  • Strabismus
  • Macular degeneration
  • Corneal disease

What is an ophthalmologist?

An ophthalmologist is a medical or osteopathic doctor who specializes in eye and vision care. Ophthalmologists differ from optometrists and opticians in their levels of training and in what they can diagnose and treat. As a medical doctor who has completed college and at least eight years of additional medical training, an ophthalmologist is licensed to practice medicine and surgery. An ophthalmologist diagnoses and treats all eye diseases, performs eye surgery and prescribes and fits eyeglasses and contact lenses to correct vision problems. Many ophthalmologists are also involved in scientific research on the causes and cures for eye diseases and vision disorders.

About Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group

Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group includes caring, compassionate health care professionals who are highly trained to meet your medical needs in Columbia, Lexington and across the greater Midlands region of South Carolina. Providing excellent medical care in comfortable office environments, our network team of physicians, advanced care providers, nurses and staff is prepared to answer any questions you have. We provide comprehensive medical care for short-term needs like annual physicals as well as ongoing management of chronic diseases.

Prevention is a big part of your overall care plan. Should additional, focused medical treatment ever be needed, our doctors will refer you to a specialist and stay involved in your care. Only at Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group will you find the extensive level of expertise available from a wide variety of specialists.

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